About Us

Our Genesis

The founder of our company formed JackDaw Systems upon realizing that companies large enough to require computer services, yet too small to require an I.T. Department, were an overlooked segment of the economy. The company specializes in meeting that need for companies such as yours.

Our Goal

We provide a full range of computer services at affordable prices, and to whatever extent is required, from sporadic service and support visits on call to short-response-time full-service contracts. We can offer single-job services, such as hardware and software upgrades, or run your entire computer network, including backups, supplies, upgrades, etc. We can train you or your staff in hardware and/or software use, provide consultations and expert advice on data and internet security, and even write custom databases or software to support your business needs.

It is our goal to relieve the smaller business owner of the frustrating technical details of the computer age, while allowing you to conduct your business fulltime. Whether you require just an occasional leg up, or ongoing support, we want to be there as your computer experts.

Our Motto

Let us take care of your computers while you take care of your business.

In other words...

If you've been serving as your own Information Technology department, because your business is not big enough to afford one -- now you can. JackDaw systems can fill any need from consultation to full time service provider, at a fraction of the cost you might expect to pay. If your computers run faster and more efficiently, if you effortlessly recover from just one major crash, if your employees are better trained in running the equipment and the software -- the service is an invaluable asset at an affordable price. JackDaw Systems - for your every computer need.