Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know JackDaw systems is right for me?

Just make an appointment. We'll provide a free consultation during which we evaluate your system from a hardware and software standpoint, perform courtesy maintenance on your machines if you desire, and discuss with you or any designated employee of yours our recommendations or suggestions. There is never any cost or obligation whatsoever.

2. Where can I find out what a certain service will cost?

Because of the variations in software, hardware, networking equipment, etc., it is generally impossible to quote a price until we have determined the nature and degree of services you require. However, the introductory visit, complete with evaluation and courtesy tune-up, is always free. You may well see improvements in performance of your system merely as a result of this introductory visit. The prices will likely be lower than you expect -- and we offer discounts from our regular rate for new customers and service contracts. And after our visit, if you don't agree our service is well worth the cost, there's no obligation at all.

3. Why can't I do this stuff myself? Why contract it out?

Whatever business you're in -- Sales, construction, architecture, medicine, law -- you've succeeded because you're an expert in what you do. As a successful businessperson, you've evidently demonstrated you're bright and skilled. But the time required to succeed at your business, as you know, takes all of your free time. We're in the computer consultancy and services business. And we're free to spend all our time doing that. Sure, you could probably do it yourself -- if you devoted all your time to it, as we do.

Remember: Even Microsoft and Intel have Information Technology departments. Bill Gates rarely does his own backups or installs new disk drives. And neither should you.

4. Who is my point of contact for information I can't find here?

Contact information for JackDaw Systems is on our Contact page. Feel free to phone or email us for more information.

5. Can I order online?

Sorry, not yet. We're looking into automating that feature at sometime in the future. In the meantime, requests for service can be sent by email or voice phone.

6. Is your work guaranteed?

Absolutely. Labor is fully guaranteed for one year from service date, and all parts carry the full manufacturer's warranty. Extended warranty programs may be available.

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