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JackDaw Systems offers a wide range of services, including:

Consulting Services

With over thirty years of experience by our founder in the data processing field, JackDaw systems is perfectly placed to advise and consult on any computer related issues or problems confronting you or your company. Whether you require advice on selecting, purchasing or configuring computer hardware, software, or networks; optimizing software and hardware performance, or analyzing security vulnerabilities, we can consult and advise you to insure you have considered all pertinent factors and selected the most cost-effective solution which satisfies your business needs.

Installations & Upgrades

Need to computerize your business to improve efficiency and allow for growth? Time to expand or upgrade existing computer systems? Has your data volume outgrown your current backup procedures so that new tape drives or CDROM Burner technology is necessary? Interested in networking your office computers together? Ask for a free situation analysis with no cost or obligation. We send an expert who can evaluate your needs and recommend the most economical solution which will do the job you need done.

We can consult with you on technical specifications, pricing options, storage and bandwidth needs, and security issues before you purchase anything. Once you have decided on the configuration which is right for you, we do it all. At your option, we can obtain, install, configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot hardware, software, and networking equipment. We can insure you have dependable backup routines in place and functioning, so that your business can recover fully and quickly from any possible data loss or corruption. We can obtain and set up security routines, firewalls, virus scan and monitor programs, -- even design and install customized software or databases which are optimized for your business from initial design to operation.

Remember -- we are a consulting and service company, not a value-added reseller. We take no regular markup on hardware or software. Our only concern in recommending equipment or software is your business need. Ask for a free evaluation visit today!

Hardware & Software Maintenance

Even the best computer equipment will require regular service to keep it functioning reliably and smoothly. Have you noticed a slowdown in your computer response time lately? Is it taking longer to do the same tasks? Or has some component such as a modem or printer run into a sudden problem you don't understand? Let JackDaw Systems get you up and running with minimal impact and at your scheduling convenience.

Could your business survive the loss of a large segment of its business-critical data? Do you make regular backups? If not, you're risking catastrophic data loss in the event of a disk head crash, power spike, or employee error. As explained under Installations & Upgrades, we can automate your backup routines to insure you are protected in this vital area. If you like, we'll even rotate your backup media for you, insuring you always have the correct tapes or CDs ready and maintaining offsite backups of your data in the event of fire or other natural disaster. And we'll do it at an affordable rate.

No need to lose valuable work time -- if you wish, we'll even visit at off hours -- any time from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM and do the work when your business is closed. Remember: When you let JackDaw Systems handle the technical details, you're free fulltime to do what you do best -- run your business!

Security Consulting

Every business has sensitive information to guard -- information essential to the business function, to your clients, your suppliers, etc. You wouldn't leave your file cabinets open on the street, would you? It's amazing how many people do just that, electronically. Every day we read about hackers breaking into computer systems for purposes of theft, vandalism, sabotage, or industrial espionage. Let JackDaw Systems show you how to guard against hackers, competitors, disgruntled employees, etc. Any computer connected to the internet is vulnerable -- unless you know how to protect it.

We can also show you the ins and outs of computer virus protection programs: which are good, which are not so good? How should they be configured? How do they actually work, and how can you maximize your protection without slowing down your work?

As former ADP Security Officer at Naval Aviation Depot, Alameda, our founder is an expert in computer and data security. Now you can benefit from his knowledge, and learn how to protect your valuable business data.

JackDaw Systems -- for your every computer security need.


JackDaw Systems offers training for you and your staff in hardware operation, backup maintenance, computer, internet and data security concerns, and most common software programs in the business environment. Learn how to use Microsoft Word©, Excel©, Power Point©, Access©, Windows 7©, Windows 8©, Windows 8.1©,or Windows 10©, Internet Explorer©, Outlook Express©, etc. When you understand the software, you work faster - smarter - more economically. Don't be limited to the "Front 10%" of your software. Spreadsheets do financial accounting very well, but did you know they can be used to design and automate forms? Access databases are fine for maintaining customer lists, but they can also be used to design full-fledged applications for your business needs. Like this web page? Learn to design and maintain your own web page.

We do training across the full spectrum -- from inexpensive "intro" courses which cover the basics of an application - "The Front 10%" - to full-fledged weeklong courses in advanced applications. Whether you're a novice or a Power User, let us show you the full range of use of the software you already own.

Custom Software or Database Design

Much of the professionally designed software available today is very well designed and serves adequately for many applications. But if you're one of the businesspersons whose needs aren't quite satisfied by what's available off the shelf, we can design it for you to order. Most businesses won't need this level of customization. But if yours is one that does, JackDaw Systems can give you the precise application you need -- it's not cheap, but it's not a major development effort either.

By utilizing the application development capabilities of such commercially available programs as Microsoft Access©, we can produce your custom software without the major research and development effort commercial software houses need to fund. As a result, you may find this an affordable option if needed. If you think this service may be for you, call to set up a free consultation. And if we think you can solve the problem in a more economical way, we'll tell you that, too!

Custom Web Design

Additional Services

JackDaw Systems has yet to find a job it can't do, or have done, to the customer's satisfaction and at a reasonable price. If you have a computer idea or problem not covered above, give us a call. We'll drop by and discuss it with you. And if we can't handle it for you, we'll find you someone who can!

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